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Maine Coast Publishing is our primary property that all new books in 2022 will be published under.

Loud Mouth Books + Cards is a brand new publishing property that will be used for a humerous line of adult books such as coloring books, journals and notebooks. Eventually we will be creating a collection of adult-themed greeting cards containing adult language and memes—stay tuned!

Our Mr. Know It Owl's Educational Books for Children is used for activity books, some educational coloring books, puzzle books, math books, writing practice books and more specifically for children under the age of 12.


It's a Shore Thing Publishing is our primary publisher for books created in 2021 and will still be used for most of our hand-crafted greeting cards.

North Country Art was a concept logo that has yet to be used for ny of our properties. We may roll this logo out for travel and photo books this year. In any case, I love how this logo turned out and decided to include it on our new website.

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I love sci-fi, especially Star Trek, I love the positive future that Star Trek offers us through the Federation. Many of the ideals of the Federation of Planets shines through in my fictional works (TheVisitors). I've always been fascinated by what could be out there in outer space. My stories take place on other planets, in future time periods and in the distant past. Some ideas can be kind of scary, but others are very humorous and make you think about human nature. One thing is for sure: I do my research before writing a story to make sure it's feasible for my characters to accomplish what they're trying to do. If a futuristic technology exists in our world today, why wouldn't someone use it in the near future? That said, I like to explore new ideas (or old ones too), so who knows what might come up next... maybe it'll scare you a little bit—but more than likely my stories and characters will warm your heart, open your mind and consider new realities, new possibilities!

This Month's Spotlight

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This month's spotlight is on the epic science fiction "The Visitors: Part One" which is available on Lulu.com and Barnes & Noble:

E-Book | Full Color Ill. | Black & White Ill. | Standard Paperback

The Visitors, Part One is an introduction to a whole other World populated by highly advanced, benevolent AI (artificial intelligence) embodied in an actual artificial life-form who is named ūtū, and is a photonic energy being. His advanced programing allows him to pull energy from the air and environment around him. The story begins at the World's largest telescope currently being built atop Cerro Armazones in the Northern part of Chile, the driest part of the Atacama Desert. The primary alien species lives on a planet in the nearby Delta Pavonis System, only 19.2 light years from Earth. The star is aging, so it is prone to frequent coronal mass ejections or CMEs. The Lįnqü Ånū òt’, a bird-like species, has formed an Alliance with other species in the system: The Great Alliance of Ånū (Delta Pavonis).

My Coloring Books for Children & Adults: Designing these books have been really fun because it made me feel like a kid again drawing pictures in coloring books—only now I get to create fantastical creatures from outer space or awesome animals from long ago. Some pages have hidden objects; some have mazes; some even have words for you to figure out—so these are definitely more than just coloring books! And when you're done, each page has little notes from me telling why I drew certain things and jokes related to them. The purpose is simple: put joy into people's lives by giving them something fun to enjoy while getting their minds off stressors that often exist in day-to-day life.

Our Coloring Books For Children And Adults

If you have a child or know someone who does, you may be interested in my book publishing company. The books I produce are of top quality and include on one page a line-drawn illustration that can be colored in using crayons or pencils. Children's Books: If you're looking for children's activity books or puzzle books with which to keep young children occupied during times when adult supervision is not available (perhaps at church), I've created books that are sure to please.  Adults will love them too! Activity Books: All through childhood and into adulthood we encounter activities that require little work from us; there's no need to sit down and color when you can spend your time playing cards, doing crossword puzzles or shooting hoops. This holds true even as adults so many busy people don't take time out to relax by coloring in my printable coloring pages online. Coloring books occupy our hands while freeing our minds. Personal Planners And Notebooks - Desk Jotters : From personal calendars and planners to memo pads, desk jotters and bookmarks, these products look great anywhere they're placed—the office or home alike! Many of them double as wall art giving your walls some flair while keeping notes organized at all times. Wall Art - Art Prints : People often turn to posters when decorating their homes but for years these were just boring pieces of paper hung up on bare walls. Now it’s easy to find high-quality posters that also serve practical purposes—from room dividers and bulletin boards to ones with inspirational messages . Wall mounted greeting cards : You’ve made it past holiday season but you still want something festive up on your wall, right?

Our Children's Books

Writing picture books for children is a lot of fun and easy if you know what you're doing. If your goal is to learn how to write a book for kids, just pick out your favorite animal or thing that goes from A to Z. Illustrate them with cute colorful images. Come up with creative names for things like vehicles that go from A to Z as well. Add fun rhyming words here and there such as twinkle, tango or zoo. Just have some fun making up creative stories based on your favorite animal or thing that goes from A to Z. Who knows? You might end up writing a hit! Whatever you choose - have some fun writing books for kids! You'll be surprised at how much delight it brings into children's lives. My Children's Books: Exploring Art Coloring Book For Kids: Creating coloring pages is so much fun! Once I created my first few art activity sheets featuring my character Pizza Joe, people started asking me how they could get their hands on more pages to color. The Exploring Art Coloring Book For Kids was born from all those requests I received from people wanting more coloring pages. That explains why I decided to create a book specifically for people who love to color too. Fun and educational activities await you in my brand new 100+ page art activity coloring book geared towards young children through adults alike interested in exploring their creative side by practicing fine arts & crafts while also exploring popular artists' styles within every coloring page featured within its pages.

Our Activity Books & Puzzle Books

We have # activity books for children. These books promote creativity while providing hours of entertainment. These activity books include drawing activities, coloring pages, mazes, dot-to-dots and more. My book Paint by Color: A Coloring Book is a fun art project to do with your children or students. Learn how to use different shades of color to create realistic pictures. There are no mistakes when you paint by color - only new and exciting images - go ahead try it out and see what you come up with! My puzzle books are great educational tools that will teach your kids how to think logically, increase their memory skills as well as help them learn new words every day! You will get hours of entertainment out of these puzzles whether you’re 9 or 90 years old. For me, my activity books are teaching my nieces and nephews cause and effect through play. They pick out which crayon they want to use first, then if we’re doing a coloring page, one of them chooses which favorite color he or she wants to pull out next. Each page has multiple steps that build upon each other in order to complete each individual design - many times they require thinking outside of just filling in spots but also coordinating colors. It’s been so much fun watching them develop there own unique approach toward completing each page; sometimes I don't even know how they come up with some of there creative ideas! The best part about it all is they don’t even realize they are being taught anything at all--it's all for pure enjoyment. And after seeing firsthand how much joy these types of games bring my little nieces and nephews, I cannot help but smile and keep coming up with more & more ideas that can truly assist parents in strengthening their child’s development.

Our Personal Planners & Notebooks

We have created personal planners for adults & children so you could get organized no matter what your life looks like. The same can be said for my notebooks and sketchbooks. Whether you’re a note-taker or list-maker or artist, they all work great! Plus they come in different sizes and designs too. My notebooks also make perfect gifts if you're looking for one. Currently my books are all online, mostly on Amazon, but if you need one item specifically don't hesitate to contact me directly and for a small additional fee I can create a special design just for you, order it and have it shipped directly to you. A personalized notebook makes a wonderful gift. Or pick out a color that matches their personality and add their name to it; making them feel truly special when they open it up on Christmas morning! Whatever you decide, whether at Christmas time or any other time of year, I hope these products will bring as much joy into their lives as putting them together has brought into mine. Thank you for taking the time to read about my work. Happy shopping! Also check out my Amazon storefront here.

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