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The Art Gallery @ Maine Coast Publishing

My Fine Art - Acrylics on Canvas, Mixed Media on Canvas and Mixed Media Sculpture

I am a fine artist who has been painting and drawing since I was a child. I mostly paint on canvas but also work with mixed media including wire sculpture, photographs of my art objects or drawings and graphic art on paper. The most important part of being a fine artist is creating art for myself. Each painting you see here is an original artwork that I have created from scratch using brushes and acrylics for my paintings and a wide variety of found objects, sculptured pieces, trinkets, beads, paper, and much more. I enjoy all kinds of mediums but particularly acrylic paints because they are fast drying and affordable to buy in large amounts. They’re bright to use as well - sometimes I feel like my paintings explode with vibrant color!  Most of my subject matter tends to be things related to nature: flowers, trees, animals and birds; however recently I've started working on abstract themes and designs.

Sometimes growing up means learning new things about yourself and your life so don't fear change - embrace it! And celebrate how enriching life can be! In addition to starting to explore these more abstract ideas, I've also been doing a lot of different sizes and types of mixed media collages: cutting up old books and magazines as well as printed photos that I take or download online. Artwork is meant to inspire us, so perhaps some day after getting inspiration from one of my art creations you might even want to try making some artwork for yourself! Who knows? Maybe it will give you ideas for decorating your home? Maybe it will make you fall in love with nature all over again? You never know... But there's plenty of room for creative ideas so get inspired by checking out my gallery here at Maine Coast Publishing.

My Landscape Paintings and Mixed Media Art

I have been painting landscapes on location for decades now. You can view some of my work at ................... I have a special place in my heart for old barns. Something about them makes me want to immortalize them through a painting. The textures, unique architecture and natural beauty of each barn I come across is what inspires me to begin each new canvas. And with each new addition to my collection, I learn more about composition, color theory, shading and perspective than ever before - all which are immensely helpful when it comes time to complete larger landscape paintings of other areas around town or even farther away. I found amazing barns and spectacular landscapes while vacationing in Oregon and Washington a few years ago with my wife.

I'll be adding many of these paintings to my portfolio in coming months. Barns in general serve as a great source of inspiration for me. In a lot of ways they are like people; even though they have been with us since our childhoods - it’s rare that we stop to really look at them. Our modern society is too busy to really notice these time-worn structures much anymore and I think that is what drew me to them years ago – an appreciation for things ancient...for forgotten history...for nostalgia – something which I personally feel deeply connected with on many levels. When you go through life rarely looking up from your smartphone or computer screen it's easy to lose your sense of wonder and I want my art (and photos) to bring back that sense of awe once again. Every single barn has a unique character all its own but when taken together as a whole (as in some of my larger landscape paintings) you can begin to see how varied and different each region really is from one another because if nothing else, barns tend to change over time depending upon their location. For example, barns located along rivers versus those located out on farmsteads will differ significantly based upon where they've been placed throughout history. It takes a very practiced eye to spot those differences but when you do - trust me, it brings home just how special and unique each area truly is. It's funny that the word barn conjures up images of horses and hay for most folks, but for me it evokes thoughts of old architecture and geography 101 classes I took decades ago while living near Amish country in Ohio. Another subject matter which has always captured my attention is coastline scenery; including lighthouses, beach scenes with crashing waves against rocky cliffs, seagulls soaring high above pelicans and sandpipers running low near surfers braving frigid waters during twilight hours late into summer afternoons.

I've been creating mixed media art since I was a teenager. I have always been fascinated by unusual but strangely appealing colors. Maybe it is because they are more analogous to those in nature like rust, autumn leaves and tangerine sunset skies which seem to draw me to them again and again throughout my life. Color palettes on each of my paintings tend to be unique yet unified at once. In fact, most of my larger landscape paintings actually start out as being abstract in nature before slowly evolving into realistic scenes over time. My first love though has always been photography. I take many photos for my own enjoyment but also for sharing with friends around the world via social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. But what I enjoy even more is how photo-editing software helps to enhance many of these images so that other people can see them better too; including some photographers who might want ideas for future images themselves.