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All About M. S. McKenzie

I am an author of science fiction and coloring books for children and adults, children's books, activity books, puzzle books, personal planners and notebooks. I am also a photographer in love with landscape photography. Nature is my favorite subject to photograph as I live in a nature filled area near open hay fields, historic old homes, farms and old barns; evergreen-lined lakes and rivers; rocky coastlines and lighthouses. Having spent time on many beautiful and historic spots all around the world as well as being raised in Maine where I grew up surrounded by vibrant fall foliage, crisp, white winters, blossom-filled springs and the hot lazy days of summer along the beautiful coast of New England. This background, firmly rooted in the rich, dark soil of Maine, automatically makes me gravitate towards taking pictures of natural places.

You will find lots of waterfalls; pine-studded rocky outcrops and islands; lighthouses and beautiful gardens in my photos. It makes me feel at peace looking at them which is why I try to take so many pictures wherever I go. ​On rainy days when it is difficult or impossible to get outside, you will find me with camera in hand snapping photos inside whenever possible making use of natural light from windows whenever possible. ​My other fine art passion besides drawing (also done on computer) includes mixed media which helps me relax and unwind from creative stresses that arise from sitting behind a computer all day working on writing projects or graphic design projects among others.

When you are an artist who loves doing everything, it can be stressful trying to keep up with so many creative hobbies, but because I have had such fun over my lifetime creating various types of artistic works that keep challenging me, there is no question about continuing with what feels like a never ending journey learning new artistic techniques. So often people compliment me on my work asking if I went to school for any one particular thing or another wondering how long did it take? When did you start? How old were you when...blah blah blah - such questions really make me laugh because I wasn't taught anything by anyone except myself first and then later picked up pieces of advice from various people here and there along the way during classes or workshops.

The fact of the matter is no matter what field your pursuing whether it be art, science or something else do not let anyone tell you that you aren't good enough. In art specifically I believe if we don't accept ourselves for our own personal style and quirks, we could just as easily forget about ever becoming true artists and great works won't ever come into existence. We don't always know right away where our path will lead us down but continue exploring whatever medium or idea comes next without doubt and confidence while enjoying every minute of it rather than worrying so much over failing just because we failed once before even though failure isn't really failing when viewed in perspective. All these various forms of expression form a nice mix within my life keeping me balanced through ups and downs both personally and professionally.